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  A central theme in permaculture is the design of ecological landscapes that produce food. Emphasis is placed on multi-use plants, cultural practices such as sheet mulching and trellising, and the integration of animals to recycle nutrients and graze weeds.

However, permaculture entails much more than just food production. Energy-efficient buildings, waste water treatment, recycling, and land stewardship in general are other important components of permaculture. More recently, permaculture has expanded its purview to include economic and social structures that support the evolution and development of more permanent communities, such as co-housing projects and eco-villages. As such, permaculture design concepts are applicable to urban as well as rural settings, and are appropriate for single households as well as whole farms and villages.

Permaculture Related sites hosted with Bulldancers:

  • Atlantea Society- Natural training support group based in Montana with many web based members around the globe.

  • Community Suppported Agriculture- Local food producer serving the Butte, Montana area.

  • Montana Folk- Online community of folks from Montana- chat, share, learn.
    Free classifieds dedicated to pets, livestock and agricultural business and supplies.

  • Path Less Traveled- Online Magazine for homesteaders, back-to-landers, gardeners, livestock raisers and other country folk.

  • White Owl Farm Natural Meats- Offering naturally raised, guilt-free meats. Heritage breeding stock available occasionally. Silver Bow, Montana

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