Silver Bow, Montana
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Proper animal care, health and comfort are the foundation of our management philosophy.

To this end, our family farm adheres to the "Free Farm" standards, so you can be confident that every animal is well fed, clean, dry and parasite free. We make sure they are also free from heat and cold stresses, as well as happy in the company of other animals as appropriate.

Our animals are:

  • Free from unnecessary fear and stress, by providing conditions and care that limit anxiety
  • Free from unnecessary pain, injury, and disease, through the prevention of disease and with rapid treatment in case of illness or injury
  • Free from hunger and thirst, they have access to fresh water and a diet that maintains health and vigor
  • Free from unnecessary discomfort, by including proper facilities with adequate shelter and a comfortable resting area, as well as sufficient space to allow for normal behaviors, and company of their own kind.