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Community Supported Agriculture is a system in which consumers pay at the beginning of the growing season for receiving a box of assorted produce weekly. This produce can be picked up conveniently by subscribers at a predetermined drop-off points.

At White Owl Farm we use natural intensive gardening techniques to enable our small plot to produce vegetables for our friends and neighbors in the Butte, MT area. We offer many types of CSA share tailored to fit most subscribers.

We rely on the exceptional compost created by our animals to provide the nutrients our garden needs. As well as extending Butte's rather short growing season with cold frames and greenhouses, which allows us to produce a wider variety of produce in our high altitude gardens.

CSAs are beneficial to farmers by providing a guaranteed market for their produce, and are beneficial to subscribers by giving them a good, local source of produce each week - all they have to do is pick it up! Addtionally CSAs are benefical to the environment by reducing the impact of trucking and corporate farming methods.



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