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  • Rainbow Alaskan Malamute Fanciers- Dedicated to breeders and supporters of all colors of Alaskan Malamute Dogs.

  • Roots To Branches- Simplifying understanding breeding domestic animals. Looks at lineages, pedigrees, family trees, as well as helping understand breeding plans like inbreeding and linebreeding. Also looks at cloning and modern breeding breakthroughs

  • Sunnyside Alaskan Malamutes- Small breeder of old type Alaskan Malamutes located in Montana.

  • Traditions Siamese Cats-Breeder of chunky, apple-headed, classic Siamese Cats.

  • Rocky Mountain Command Dogs, Inc- Grand Master Trainer Hal Steiner, "All breeds - All phases" Problem Solving, General Obedience, Handicap Assistance, Conformation, Cancer Detection, Protection, Siezure Alert, Agility, Police Dog, Hunting, Bomb Detection, Canine Good Citizen, Drug Detection, Advanced Obedience, Cadaver and Search/Rescue, Sledding, Avalanche and more.
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