Purebred Siamese Cats

Traditions specializes in family cats. Our stock are all purebred, but not with papers- which allows us to offer exceptional kittens for families at an affordable price.


All kittens come with a coupon for free or discount spay/nuetering to protect against unwanted prenancy.

Some may already be spay/nuetered at our local free spay clinic.

You can also often get pure or partbred kittens and cats at your local animal shelter.

Available only in Montana- WE DO NOT SHIP


  • Seal point
  • Blue point
  • Lynx point
  • Flame point occasionally

Kittens and Stud service

  • Kittens
  • Stud service
  • Tradional appleheaded Siamese with outgoing "doggy" temperments...

    No "Pointy-headed" "Bat- Eared" monstrosities here!

    For detailed information on our Siamese please use the contact page.