Southwest Montana Omoksee Club

Pole bending is a timed event which demands an athletic, responsive horse and dedicated rider. Originally, it was added to horse shows for fun for kids, but is now a popular event with competitors of all ages.

Here is a you tube video of a mini horse pole bending.

Pole Bending

Pole bending is generally set up with 21 ft between each pole, although there are other layouts.

Depending on the rules of the show you are at, you may leave the starting line, serpentine thru the poles, up to the far end, turn the last pole and twist the way back. Another version requires you to run to the furthest pole, twist thru the poles, turn the pole closest to the starting line, twist back to the far end, turn again and run back to the starting line to stop your time.

You tube video of a nice practice run on poles.