Southwest Montana Omoksee Club

There are many other miscellaneous fun games to play with horses. The things youcan do are limited only by your imagination.

You tube video of an event we don't offer - but it sure looks like fun!

"Pickup Loading Race"

Miscellaneous Events

At most of our show we will offer additional events. We will even offer a mystery event. You never know what it will be or what is going to happen. Mystery events may include, but are not limited to...
click hot link for s sample video

  • Musical Chairs- Round and round, jump from your horse when the music stops and grab a seat on a bale of straw!
  • Command Class- Think your horse is well trained and prompt? compete with other riders in command class.
  • Flag Race- Race around one or more barrels and place the flags
  • Musical Hats- round and round, when the music stops and grab a hat from a bale pole to stay in the game!
  • Dollar Bareback- aka Ride-A-Buck.. Think you got the goods? Keep a dollar bill under your leg. Lose the dollar, leave the game. Last one left gets all the dollars. In the event of a tie or long class- may also include command class to determine the winner.
  • Speed Barrels- aka Texas Barrels, California Barrels, or Turbo Barrels. Three barrels are woven up and back, like pole bending.
  • Simon Says- Variation of command class, individual riders will be called on to ... back up, touch horse's rump, dismount, jump a small jump, touch their head, remount, turn a barrel or weave poles and etc.. depending on age or riding level of the class, as in Simon Says.
  • Egg Race- Ride around a pole or barrel holding a hard boiled egg on a spoon.
  • Big "T"- weave the poles/barrels up - turn two poles/barrels birangle stake style, then weve back thru the pole to the start/finish line.
  • Boot Race- Each competitor turns in one of their boots, several riders run up to a pile of boots, locate theirs put it one and lead horse back across start/finish line.
  • Musical Poles- Round and round, when the music stops and grab ahold of one of the pole bending poles!
  • Combination Race- A unknown combination of any appropriate part of our events. such as adding flag race and Big-T together...
  • Mounted Trotting Race- Think your horse can trot fast? Trot around a large circle of poles for the fastest time. Breaking gait to canter disquailifies you.

  • Team events
  • Ball & Cone Race- Ride to a traffic cone and place a golf ball onto it, then race back to the start. Often run as a team event
  • Pony Express Race- Different variations include teams of 2-4 people, riders must switch horses, or mount their horse after first rider tags them.
  • Relay Race- With teams of two or four people, competitors race up around a pole or barrel, back to next rider - pass off a baton and repeat.
  • Flag Race- Teams race around one or more barrels and picking up and placing the flags.