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Alaskan Malamute Markings

Alaskan Malamutes display a variety of face markings, which basically include two types.

Mask / Eye markings:
Usually found in the same color as the predominant coat color, ie. red mask on reds, black mask on blacks and sables.

  • goggles- color around the entire eye (also called mask)
  • eyeshadow- color below the entire eye
  • bars- color just under the inside corner of the eyes.

White markings:

  • blaze- large white mark from nose to above eyes
  • star- white mark above the eyes
  • strip or stripe - fine white line between the eyes
  • spots- white spots outside of the face.

These can be found in any number of combinations.


This pup is not properly marked for a Malamute. The bald face blaze and broken mask are against breed standards.

A white blaze on the forehead and/or collar or a spot on the nape is attractive and acceptable. The Malamute is mantled, and broken colors extending over the body or uneven splashing are undesirable. \

Occasionally Malamutes (of any color) may often evidence a pinkish stripe on their nose. Sometimes found on Mals that have face markings which include a "blaze", but can occur on open face dogs as well, as you may not see the blaze. Usually termed a "snow nose", this is not a sign of poor pigment action, but a result of the stripe extending down the muzzle onto the nosepad.